[whatwg] submit: button vs input

Alan Plum html5 at alanplum.com
Thu Jan 13 07:21:17 PST 2011

Hey all,

is there any official recommendation for which element to use for form 
submission buttons?

Historically, input has been preferred because of button's 
implementation differences in IE6. Now that IE6 support is becoming less 
and less of an issue for many websites, that argument is loosing 
importance and I've actually heard web design schools recommend using 
buttons instead.

The "HTML5" spec doesn't seem to cover this issue at all. The WHAT WG 
HTML 5 spec's commenting tool uses input (type=button no less!), which 
indicates a certain preference, but again it's not clear whether this 
can be regarded as authoritative.

Any input?

- Alan

PS: Yes, that was a horrible pun.

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