[whatwg] whatwg Digest, Vol 82, Issue 10

Roger Hågensen rescator at emsai.net
Fri Jan 7 02:50:07 PST 2011

On 2011-01-06 14:09, timeless wrote:
> I'm kinda surprised that servers and CAs don't have better support for
> reminding admins of this stuff.
> I know for mozilla.org, nagios is responsible for warning admins.
> The odd thing (to me) is that CAs make money selling certs, so one
> would expect them to want to sell the renewed cert and get that new
> booking by selling the new cert say 3-6 months before the old one
> expires. And thus they're actually being customer oriented, providing
> a useful service (possibly telling the customer about expired certs
> they issued which are still running...).

This is why I like StartSSL.com so much (besides the free domain and 
email certs), is that the "pay" certs
are actually for the authentication/certification process, the actual 
certs themselves are free, and you can issue as many certs as you need 
for a certain amount of time.
Besides being cheap they also notify you a little while before the certs 
run out.

I know, I know, I'm almost sounding like a ad here, but StartCom the 
company behind startssl.com is leading by example here and I wish other 
CA's followed suit.

Roger "Rescator" Hågensen.
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