[whatwg] WebWorkers and images

Berend-Jan Wever skylined at chromium.org
Fri Jan 7 07:25:19 PST 2011

> As I mentionned, Ian Hickson's response also covers provoding the DOM API
> since DOM implementations (besides the document object) aren't thread-safe.
I'm not sure I understand:
- a single WebWorker always runs in only one thread, even though there may
be multiple WebWorkers running on the same thread, right?
- it should be possible to give each WebWorker its own DOM instance, like
various webpages running in one process have their own DOM instance as well,
- Assuming that the DOM instances aren't shared between the WebWorkers or
with the web pages, there can be no re-entrancy issues, right?
I must be missing something... :)


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