[whatwg] Device Element

dresende at thinkdigital.pt dresende at thinkdigital.pt
Fri Jan 7 15:01:24 PST 2011

 On Tue, 4 Jan 2011 22:09:20 +0000, Bjartur Thorlacius wrote:
> On 1/4/11, Diogo Resende <dresende at thinkdigital.pt> wrote:
>> Flash is insecure because there's no security policies. It's 
>> similiar to
>> the firefox feature to read files: you read all or you read none. 
>> That's
>> not a good policy. Something similar to the geolocation would be 
>> better
>> (this specific site/app can access this specific device).

 Maybe I was not clear. Example:

 - User goes to an app, clicks on a button
 - App requests a serial device access for a "Meteorology Device" (this 
 should really be a string or something like that, not a device category 
 or class)
 - Browser notifies user, shows list of devices for the user to pick ONE 
 or to deny (in the middle of this a "sudo"-like box might appear, I 
 really don't care about it)
 - App gets access to a limited serial API just to that device (or any 
 other that a user might already given access)

 I hope I was clear enough now. No kernel ACLs and stuff like that.

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