[whatwg] Stop control for video [was: Limiting the amount of downloaded but not watched video]

Markus Ernst derernst at gmx.ch
Tue Jan 18 11:18:27 PST 2011

Am 18.01.2011 18:11 schrieb Zachary Ozer:
> Currently, there's no way to stop / limit the browser from buffering -
> once you hit play, you start downloading and don't stop until the
> resource is completely loaded. This is largely the same as Flash, save
> the fact that some browsers don't respect the preload attribute. (Side
> note: I also haven't found a browser that stops loading the resource
> even if you destroy the video tag.)

There has been a version of JWplayer with a stop control (as I suggested 
earlier in this thread for the user aspect of the topic). I set up a 
demo page:


If you click the stop button, playback is stopped, and the status bar 
disappears. If you click the play button again, playback is started from 
the beginning, and the status bar shows download being continued from 
the point where the stop button has been clicked. So this player seems 
to interrupt the download and resume it, when playback is restarted.

This looks like an intuitive and sensible behaviour to me, which could 
both improve user experience and save server bandwidth. It could be 
implemented independent from, and additionnally to the points discussed 
in the original thread.

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