[whatwg] date meta-tag invalid

aykut.sensoy at bild.de aykut.sensoy at bild.de
Mon Jul 18 06:59:40 PDT 2011

hi julian,
i have asked one from the seo team and he says for example the "freshness
factor" is important for google.
is it possible to use the time-tag in the head instead (i mean invisible)?
dc:created is also not in the Meta Extensions List, see:

Kind regards

Am 18.07.11 15:27 schrieb "Julian Reschke" unter <julian.reschke at gmx.de>:

>On 2011-07-18 14:54, aykut.sensoy at bild.de wrote:
>> According to the w3c Validator the<metaname="date"content="#" />  tag
>>is invalid. In the WHATWG MetaExtensions List there is no registered
>>extension, no specification and no proposal for the date meta-tag.
>> The only alternative for "date" is a proposal called "created", which
>>however doesn't meet the requirements for registration . For our SEO
>>team the date meta-tag contains some of the most important information
>>about a webpage.
>> What would be a w3c-valid way to implement a creation date meta-tag in
>Out of curiosity: who is processing the tag? And what does this have to
>do with SEO? Do search engines do anything with it?
> From HTML5's point of view the suggest replace is probably "<time
>pubdate>"... Did you look at that already?
>Also: there seems to be overlap with Dublin Core's "dc:created"?
>Best regards, Julian

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