[whatwg] Selectors within <style scoped>

Kornel Lesiński kornel at geekhood.net
Wed Jul 20 12:36:59 PDT 2011

On Tue, 19 Jul 2011 05:14:55 +0100, Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky at mit.edu> wrote:

> This is actually an interesting question.  Does this end up  
> corresponding to:
>    :scope foo .bar, foo:scope .bar
> or to just
>    :scope foo .bar
> ?  The latter would not match on 'foo' being the scope element, while  
> the former would.

I think it should match the scoping element, as I expect this pattern to  
be common until <style scoped> is widely supported:

<div id=widget>
   <style scoped>
     #widget foo {}

regards, Kornel Lesiński

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