[whatwg] Improving the application cache.

Edward Gerhold edward.gerhold at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 11 13:48:48 PST 2011


i think it´s good to leave this idea from time to time.

I wrote, i would suggest to make it possible to whiteliste the master as a
but would propose some update, add, remove functions to add urls or data
to the list, and to have the possibilty to enumerate the entries.

Just to make sure, that i can cache my Joomla! Content Management, or any
In fact, what happens now is, that i have a one-time saved, never updated
when i enter the manifest there, and no chance to simply cache the scripts
and css and
some images, but reload the master file from network.

Otherwise, i can never update the index programmaticly by pressing a button
and calling
a function, to do so.

So i expected the working group to consider expanding the application with
some functions,
and i got two replies, that there is "Programmable HTTP Caching & Serving",
which i poposed
again in my last mail, because it is completly usable to cache dynamic
pages, and one about the
generic consideration to add function similar to my idea to the cache.

Because of that i would like to leave this message, to get this topic up
again. It is something
easy to tell that, it is more difficult in WebIDL together with all
exceptions, status codes, Event
Names and callbacks, but i heard, there was already the approach to do
something similar.

When i wrote about the idea first time, i had problems to go to bed after
writing some unusable,
because i made mistakes when writing. What you read then is something
different, because the
mistakes mislead, after another correction of my correction i went to bed.

Last time i said, "Programmable..." is good enough and shall be implemented
(have men, hours
and write some klocs for me). Today i want to remember the other idea is
equal or even easier
and i would like to see both. Btw. ApplicationCache2 extended the
ApplicationCache, or? So
ApplicationCache could even become changed, or? If not, say i forgot, but it
sounds good, or?

I would like to see the easy add, remove, immediate/update(url), enumerate
in the Cache,
a whitelist for the index, if i only want to cache the scripts, css, index
and have no more code,
as well as the other documents functions/advantages. Please program all this
for me :-)

Good, or?


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