[whatwg] <device> use cases

jesperg at opera.com jesperg at opera.com
Tue Mar 15 06:10:39 PDT 2011


I just heard that <device> was canceled and replaced by
navigator.getUserMedia()... Just wanted to point out a couple of use
cases that I was looking forward to, that seems to maybe have gotten a
bit lost on the way?

I was really looking forward to start playing around with USB MIDI
interfaces to control my synth and maybe even do really creative stuff
the other way around. Just imagine being able to play on your synth
(or any other device with MIDI output) and generate sound or graphics
in a <canvas> web application or so!

Or... be able to control other devices using serial connection. Maybe
do lirc-alike stuff, using your IR based remote to control Youtube or
other HTML5 <video> services, etc.

Amazing new possibilities, that would be (almost) endless... :)

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