[whatwg] File API Streaming Blobs

Simon Heckmann simon at simonheckmann.de
Mon Mar 21 09:17:59 PDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I found this thread
3.html>) in the archive of this mailing list, but I could not determine
if any decision was made whether this should be implemented or not. I am
interested in this, because I came up with a scenario which would
benefit from Streaming Blobs:

I use the File API to locally store larger video files on the users hard
drive. For security purposes I encrypted them with AES and use a
javascript library for local just-in-time decryption. This is not yet a
productive application bur more of a prototype. However, I experienced
javascript manipulation of large data can be quite slow so we do not
want the user to wait until the full video is decrypted/manipulated.
Therefore I would vote for a way to append data to a Blob and the
ObjectURL reflects these modifications. Maybe something like
createStreamableObjectURL could be used for differentiation?

Just wanted to express my thoughts because I think the whole File API is
a great idea!

Kind regards,

Simon Heckmann

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