[whatwg] Websockets: dropped packets? (Jonathan Chetwynd)

Bob Gezelter gezelter at rlgsc.com
Thu Mar 31 05:53:19 PDT 2011


The WebSocket protocol currently presumes TCP as the underlying transport.

TCP connections are an uninterrupted stream. If a packet is lost, the
connection will be aborted.

I do not believe that the TCP dependency is truly necessary or beneficial.
WADR, it would be far more appropriate to specify the needed characteristics
of the underlying transport. As an example, the earliest versions of MTP
(RFC 772) -- the predecessor of SMTP have successfully taken this approach
to specification.

In a recent posting to my blog, Ruminations, I suggested that the WebSocket
protocol specification be segregated into multiple RFCs, to separate the
TCP-related implementation issues from the underlying protocol.

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