[whatwg] Giving the <body> tag a new meaning.

Bjartur Thorlacius svartman95 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 12:48:27 PST 2011

On 3/1/11, usuario <soyhobo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Why not propose a better definition then?
> Because than wouldn't likely solve the semantic issue (if we can call it an
> issue).
> I am not an html expert, it is even hard to me figure even what i propose.
> If a tell it, is because belive on it. But if you like the idea, i can try
> make it more solid.
Thing is, that <body> is automatically opened for text nodes that the parser
doesn't recognize as being in head (either per DTD or hard coded element
names) and, IIRC, for any nodes after head ends. Putting text after </head>
and before <body> will thusly result in said text being parsed as in body
and the <body> tag getting ignored, as bodys can't be nested.

As a result, everything must be in either head or body, and potentially after
the body. It might be feasible to add additional elements after the body, if
their content belongs neither with head's metadata nor body's linear main

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