[whatwg] Proposal for separating script downloads and execution

Kyle Simpson getify at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 12:04:33 PST 2011

> Can someone double-check that onreadystatechange does not actually work 
> for
> this in IE9 in standards mode?  IE9 seems to no longer fire
> onreadystatechange when the script is not in the document.  (onerror is,
> though, which I think is a spec violation.)
> http://zewt.org/~glenn/test-script-preload-onreadystatechange/standards-mode.html(onreadystatechange
> not fired)
> http://zewt.org/~glenn/test-script-preload-onreadystatechange/quirks-mode.html(onreadystatechange
> fired)

In IE9 RC1, both those tests fired the "onreadystatechange: loaded" alert. 
Isn't that expected behavior? What led you to believe it was broken?



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