[whatwg] Form input element for value-unit pairs

Christoph Päper christoph.paeper at crissov.de
Fri Mar 18 05:38:16 PDT 2011

Markus Ernst:
> Am 15.03.2011 17:36 schrieb Christoph Päper:
>>   <input name=fontsize type=number unit=typo>
>>   <datalist id=typo>
>>     <option value=2.835 label=pt>
>>     <option value=1 label=mm>
>>   </datalist>
> What I do not yet understand is, in what point does this proposal enhance usability compared to a dropdown box with the units, and some client side script that does the conversion?

The less form widgets the better, usually. I also hope browser developers can come up with a better control than the next webdesigner, and it would be more consistent across sites, too. You could, for example and perhaps, enter “4mm<enter>” instead of “4<tab><down><down><enter>”.

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