[whatwg] html5 designers

Andrew de Andrade andrew at deandrade.com.br
Mon Mar 21 11:05:05 PDT 2011


You want the "Help for Web designers and HTML authors" mailing list.
It's the first one on this page:


There really isn't much movement on that mailing list. It's more for
if you have a very specific question about some part of the
specification from a designers point of view. For stuff on HTML5 for
designers, I would check out the BookApart books such as "HTML5 for
Designers" and "CSS3 for Designers".

I highly recommend that you check out Mark Pilgrim's excellent "Dive
into HTML5". It's the best resource I've seen on HTML5 so far, and
it's free to boot.

Finally, I would also check out the new book from Remy Sharp and Bruce
Lawson, "Introducing HTML5". I haven't read it yet, but given the
authors it is sure to be good.


On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 2:33 PM, Gustavo Duenas
<gduenas at leftandrightsolutions.com> wrote:
> Does anyone knows a good email list for html5 designers, I'm rather lost
> here, this is for programmers.
> gustavo

Q: Why is this email four sentences or less?
A: http://four.sentenc.es

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