[whatwg] Unlimited pageStorage for App Cached web pages

Felix Halim felix.halim at gmail.com
Sat May 28 07:14:43 PDT 2011

AFAIK, currently there is no storage limit for the App Cache.
However, localStorage does has limit of 5 MB.
It is silly to force the user to "install" a web page just to get
unlimited localStorage.

I'm thinking why not introduce an "unlimited pageStorage" that behaves
like App Cache?
The pageStorage is tied to a particular web page's URL just like what
App Cache does.
Any key/value that is inserted to the pageStorage is associated with
the App Cache.

What is the use case for the pageStorage?

Suppose a web page has N users.
Each user has different public page.
These public pages contains static content and dynamic content.
The App Cache can only captures the static content (if we use App
Cache to store the dynamic content, then everytime the user visit the
page, the user will has to "double" refresh the page to get the latest
App Cache).
We are missing a way to store the dynamic content! (here is the job of
We can use localStorage for the dynamic content, but it is limited to
5 MB and it is shared between pages of the same domain (we don't need
shared storage).
What we need is an unlimited "pageStorage" that stores dynamic content
for each App Cache.

To summarize, the pageStorage offers "unlimited" storage for dynamic
content for the App Cached web pages.

Is this possible to do?

Felix Halim

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