[whatwg] Improving the Application Cache

Edward Gerhold edward.gerhold at googlemail.com
Tue May 31 07:30:12 PDT 2011

Dear HTML5 people,

i didn´t write a message for around a month. I suggested improving the Cache
with Container Functions a few times, and got a reply at the first time
writing about this and another time, when i posted the suggestion again from
another document, correcting it five times, still not coming to a clue,
another time, i got an answer not to spam the list. I continued distributing
sharing my thoughts about the cache. I came to the conclusion, to write the
document alone. I thought of two new chapters, one small about the whitelist
of the master file, which contains the manifest, which is always cached,
which is shit for existing content managers (which doesnt affect new
applications using the feature like they are, coming with a splash screen,
or somewhat static page, starting their app). And another chapter, which
explains the Manifest Container Functions. Add and Remove Entrys, Modify
existing entries. And an Iterator, the vector-container functions to
traverse or go through the list(s). I thought it would be great to look at
the source code.

My idea is to extend the Container Class of the Manifest itself, or to
extend the C++ container classes of the three Lists. At this point, one
month later, i am still not shure. What i have done
is spending my time with other things. I thought the people would start to
think, that i have dropped the idea now. Today the announcement for the Last
Call of HTML5 has been made. After
the FAQ i ask myself if that is too much for the specification. (I think,
this will depend on how ready the documentation is, how fast that shit will
be implementable then, wheter the doc is complete or not, how clear the
thing is).

Ok, i have around two months time to complete. I would like to see any of
you to do that, before HTML5 advances to a Candidate or better, before it
remains unchanged. I have to change the state back to Editor´s Draft, if i
talk about extending the Application Cache with List-Container Functions to
grow and shrink the Cache with media. Together with the possibilty to let
the first page, containing the manifest, be loaded over the network. This
could be my existing app´s dynamic frontpage, whose remaining files i would
like to let cache, and not my new web app and the cache of HTML5 could be
useful to improve my content manager, if i could whitelist the file
containing the html node with the manifest attribute (index.php/index.html

Sorry, that i haven´t finished the document already. The
online_whitelist_master attribute could be a simple bool like
online_whitelist_all is. I think the manifest container itself is the best
place for the container functions to grow and shrink the cache. The manifest
is the core of the application cache. But in webkit/appcache i can read, it
has no container functions to add and remove the elements. It has got
similar functions, but for another level of the context to handle the
existing specifications. Here you read, i have it in mind. I have to
continue reviewing the code to write the new code.

That i come so late with this annoys me a little, but i couldn´t start
earlier with such. 2008 i had been offline living in a dorm. I started 2010
with HTML5. I tried the application cache out for a few times with my
Joomla, my Hiphop Pages, some Manifest manipulations, and found out, what i
can´t do with, what would be good for it. Having control over the filelist
to let the user or the application handle the growing and shrinking of the
cache contents.

Think of people using the computers and tables offline in the subway or
somewhere else. It´s local today. Would be cool,_to improve the existing web
with such a cache_.
(Shit, i haven´t got the document already ready and nobody else cares to
write the shit before HTML6...i don´t know if a document from me could get
the thing through then.)
If you need to find the functions i talk about search the list for me.


Edward Gerhold

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