[whatwg] Full Screen API Feedback

Robert O'Callahan robert at ocallahan.org
Thu May 12 16:02:09 PDT 2011

On Fri, May 13, 2011 at 4:48 AM, Jer Noble <jer.noble at apple.com> wrote:

> I don't consider the following to be a "usable" UI:
> - User clicks a full screen button
> - Content resizes to occupy full window
> - Browser pops up a permissions dialog
> - User has to click the "Allow" button*
> - Window then becomes full screen
> * This line is especially egregious.  I can understand asking for
> permission if the original full screen request did not originate with a
> mouse click.  Heck, I'm fine with /requiring/ full screen to initiate with a
> mouse click.  But asking the user to confirm "did you really mean to do
> this?" for an easily reversable action is poor UI.  If the browser
> inadvertantly exposes the user's geolocation to a website, that's an action
> that can never be undone.  The same is not true for the full screen case.

It's easy to get a user to click in a page so requiring mouse clicks isn't a
lot of protection. The scenario people are worried about is that the user
clicks, the page goes full-screen and initiates some kind of spoofing
attack, the user doesn't realize what is going on and gets phished or
something like that --- and that is irreversible.

For this case, I think probably a better UI would be what Flash has, to
actually go full-screen immediately but temporarily show a message telling
the user they're in fullscreen mode and how to get out. But I still strongly
feel that the API should be constrained so that passive confirmation won't
break sites, in case that turns out to be necessary in the future.

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