[whatwg] Request for feedback: supported elements for formatBlock

Ehsan Akhgari ehsan at mozilla.com
Thu May 26 16:53:32 PDT 2011

On 11-05-26 12:27 PM, Aryeh Gregor wrote:
> I don't think any of this justifies adding blockquote, which is not
> supported by all browsers and whose *usual* use is to contain multiple
> blocks of content.

It seems to me that "blockquote" here interferes in functionality with 
the indent and outdent commands.  Given that, I'm fine with it being 
dropped from formatBlock in the spec.

>>> As for Chrome or Opera, their way of doing things might make sense in
>>> some cases for blockquote, but usually you want the way indent behaves
>>> instead.  If I select two paragraphs and want to put a blockquote
>>> around them, normally I want a two-paragraph blockquote, not a
>>> two-line blockquote or two blockquotes.  It doesn't make any sense at
>>> all for things like article -- you want
>>> <article><p>foo</p><p>bar</p></article>, not
>>> <article>foo<br>bar</article>  and certainly not
>>> <article>foo</article><article>bar</article>.
>> I disagree.  It depends on context.
> In what context would you want to convert
> <p>foo</p><pre>bar</pre><p>baz</p>, say, into
> <article>foo<br>bar<br>baz</article>  instead of
> <article><p>foo</p><pre>bar</pre><p>baz</p></article>?  If you really
> wanted to do this, we should have a command to convert<p>/<div>  into
> <br>, and a separate command to wrap or unwrap in tags like<article>
> along the lines of indent/outdent.  What are the use-cases for wanting
> to wrap in<article>  anyway?  What are the use-cases for wanting to
> wrap in<blockquote>  where indent/outdent don't work?

I think dropping block elements in this way is not what the user and the 
author would expect most of the time.


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