[whatwg] Size of SVG->Img->Canvas

Gavin Kistner gkistner at nvidia.com
Thu Nov 17 15:30:09 PST 2011

From: Boris Zbarsky
> On 11/18/11 12:14 PM, Gavin Kistner wrote:
>> Add one followup: what if you draw the image to the canvas at a 'large' resolution, drawImage(img,0,0,200,200)?
>> Presumably this shouldn't change what source pixels are used for `drawImage`.
> You're still assuming there are "source pixels". There aren't.  There's a source vector graphic.

Good information, thanks.

>> However, I've added this test to my URL above and we see that Chrome has perfectly anti-aliashed circles in all cases, where Firefox is visibly upscaling a lower-resolution bitmap.
> I consider this a Gecko bug.

Great, that definitely helps clear things up.

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