[whatwg] SRT research: timestamps

Ralph Giles giles at mozilla.com
Wed Oct 5 16:45:13 PDT 2011

On 05/10/11 10:22 AM, Simon Pieters wrote:

> I did some research on authoring errors in SRT timestamps to inform
> whether WebVTT parsing of timestamps should be changed.

This is completely awesome, thanks for doing it.

> hours too many '(^|\s|>)\d{3,}[:\.,]\d+[:\.,]\d+'
> 834

As Silvia mentioned, the WebVTT spec currently leaves the number of
digits in the hour field as implementation defined, so long as it's at
least two.

I asked previously[1] if we could agree on and specify a limit. Would
you mind checking what the histogram of digit numbers is in the hours
field? Especially if you can separate cases like

> 34500:24:01,000 --> 00:24:03,000

either because the index is missing, or because the the interval is
negative (for which the WebVTT spec would reject the entire cue).



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