[whatwg] HTMLLinkElement.disabled and HTMLLinkElement.sheet behavior

Julien Chaffraix julien.chaffraix at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 18:01:48 PDT 2011

>> Thanks for the explanation. I took a black-box approach in testing - I
>> don't pretend to know how Firefox works - and from that perspective,
>> it looked like it was synchronous as the |sheet| was present and
>> properly populated in JS.
> Try setting an interval to poll right before the <link> is parsed.  That
> will black-box show that it's not synchronous.  ;)

I stand corrected. ;)

>> It is. However the specification states that |disabled| would be
>> ignored if there is no |sheet|. It looks like web-authors don't factor
>> this into their code.
> Ah.  Do they set disabled and expect it to take effect whenever the sheet
> actually appears?

Yes, we have seen some regressions because people were expecting exactly that.


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