[whatwg] New attributes would degrade better than new elements

Eric Sh. shedokan1 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 19:38:28 PDT 2011

If the web was only using the first tags such as(I think) <pre> then the web
woul not be where it is today.

And if we stop adding new features old browsers do not support or not use
them because very little browsers are not supporting them then it would
completely stop innovation and the evolution of the web.

I am supporting what Ashley has said, just think about it if you sorround
context with <article> then speech browsers can know from where to start
reading the article instead of a whole web page.

I believe that the decision makers are not stupid, they are smart enough to
know all these technical issues and conflicts with conflicts that may arrise
with additions like this one, and I also believe that they have far more
knowledge of this subject and everything that will be changed by a new
feature(browsers, search engines, speech browsers, and other UA's)

And lastly, I understand and encourage different opinions but I think it is
too late to change anything that has been already implemented by all major
browsers(Including IE 9!)

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