[whatwg] Feedback on UndoManager spec

Aryeh Gregor ayg at aryeh.name
Thu Oct 27 12:50:29 PDT 2011

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 2:28 PM, Ojan Vafai <ojan at chromium.org> wrote:
> I disagree. I think the boolean makes things more complicated. Boolean
> arguments stink. Every time you want to use this API you need to go look up
> the documentation to remember whether the boolean is "isReapply" or
> "isApply". There's no such confusion if you have a separate method.

I agree with that.  Having separate apply/reapply arguments is
cleanest.  But having both that and an isReapply argument is the worst
of all possible worlds.

> This is a known bug. I just haven't gotten around to fixing it. Except for a
> bug in our nascent shadow dom implementation, this is the only case where
> WebKit still throws a wrong document
> error. http://codesearch.google.com/codesearch#search/&exact_package=chromium&q=WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR%20file:(%5C.h%7C%5C.cpp)$&type=cs

Interesting.  Maybe that means the exception should be marked
historical in the spec:


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