[whatwg] <comment> and <ad> elements

Shaun Moss shaun at astromultimedia.com
Sat Sep 3 23:14:40 PDT 2011

Hi all

I've joined this list to put forward the argument that there should be 
elements for <comment> and <ad> included in the HTML5 spec.

These are both extremely common features of many web pages; I would say 
at least as common as "article". At present there is no obvious semantic 
element for comments and ads. To use <article>, <section> or <aside> is 
a kludge at best.

I would love to hear people's thoughts on this idea, as I'm sure it 
would have been discussed before. Please also let me know the process 
for submitting a formal proposal to the WHATWG or the W3C about this.

I'm the founder and CEO of IWDA (International Web Development Academy), 
and currently writing a course in HTML5.


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