[whatwg] readystatechange for SCRIPT

Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at MIT.EDU
Fri Sep 9 14:09:23 PDT 2011

On 9/9/11 3:40 PM, Ian Hickson wrote:
> Only documents; media elements don't use 'readystatechange' events (they
> have specific events for specific readyState transitions).

Ah, ok.

> This is what I'm leaning towards at the moment. Are there any objections
> to removing the readyState support from<script>  (reverting r6543) and
> moving onreadystatechange to HTMLDocument exclusively?

HTMLDocument, or Document?

If it's put on HTMLDocument exclusively, that would solve the 
XMLDocument.prototype problem as well.  But the readyState property 
seems to be on Document, not HTMLDocument....

In general, I have no objection to the change proposed above; just want 
to clarify where exactly we want to put the inline event handler property.

> Specific event names don't bubble or not bubble, only specific events
> bubble or not.

Well, yes, but in general there is only one kind of event normally 
dispatched for a given name.  But OK, we can wait and see on this.


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