[whatwg] Proposal for improved handling of '#' inside of data URIs

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Sun Sep 11 10:31:50 PDT 2011

On 2011-09-11 17:30, Daniel Holbert wrote:
> On 09/11/2011 07:21 AM, Michael A. Puls II wrote:
>> Not only must "#" be "%23" if you don't want it as a frag id, but ">"
>> and "<" should be "%3E" and "%3C".
> [...]
>  > Of course, if you can percent-encode everything needed as you type, you
>  > can hand-author the URI data. But, who wants to do that,
> As I noted in a response to Nils earlier in this thread,
> Firefox/Webkit/Opera don't actually require authors to percent-encode
> brackets and spaces in data URIs. (not sure whether that's correct per
> spec or not).
> ...

It's not correct per RFC 2397 (data) and RFCs 3986 (URI) and 3987 (IRI), 
but the HTML spec certainly could *make* it correct by introducing an 
additional layer (if there was consensus to do so). Right now HTML5 
conformance requires valid IRIs, so unescaped whitespace or angle 
brackets in @hrefs make the document non-conforming.

> ...

Best regards, Julian

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