[whatwg] [editing] New conformance tests

Aryeh Gregor ayg at aryeh.name
Fri Sep 16 11:21:36 PDT 2011

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 6:34 PM, Ehsan Akhgari <ehsan at mozilla.com> wrote:
> Maybe we can split these tests into multiple files, with one master file
> which loads them all, one by one, in iframes or something?
> I just tried running them under a debug build of Firefox, and they take
> about three times as long as an optimized build for me (it was a bit more
> than 3 minutes for me, but I have a pretty fast machine!)

I can do that.  I have a bug filed:


> These are all fine.  I'm planning to write a script which gathers the
> current status of the tests, and then use that every time that I update the
> test suite to get the expected result set.  I'll I care about at this point
> is that we don't change something in Gecko which changes these expected test
> results (either making some tests that passed before fail or vice versa)
> without understanding why.

Okay, good.

> In the mean time, do you know about the licensing of the stuff under
> http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/html/file/tip/tests?  I want to make sure that they
> have a compatible license so that we can import them into our tree.

This page implies they're all available under three-clause BSD (in
addition to the "no derivative works" W3C Test Suite License):


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