[whatwg] register*Handler and Web Intents

Kornel Lesiński kornel at geekhood.net
Tue Apr 17 11:25:38 PDT 2012

On Tue, 17 Apr 2012 17:11:52 +0100, Mounir Lamouri <mounir at lamouri.fr>  

>> Trying to fit the registration components listed above into <meta>  
>> really doesn't work all that well, IMHO.
> <meta name="viewport"> does that and is widely used AFAICT.

It's used because it has important functionality and sensible syntax (CSS  
@viewport) is not widely supported yet.

However, the design and usability of <meta viewport> is terrible. You'll  
find a lot of pages on the web that get "," vs ";" wrong in the meta  

regards, Kornel Lesiński

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