[whatwg] Features for responsive Web design

Markus Ernst derernst at gmx.ch
Mon Aug 13 13:17:13 PDT 2012

Am 13.08.2012 18:39 schrieb Henri Sivonen:

> Ignoring implementation issues for a moment, I think it would be
> conceptually easier it to disentangle these axes like this:
> Non-art directed:
> <img src="1xsampling.jpg" hisrc="2xsampling.jpg" alt="Text alternative">
> Art directed:
> <picture>
> <source src="1xsampling-cropped.jpg" hisrc="2xsampling-cropped.jpg"
> media="max-width: 480px">
> <img src="1xsampling.jpg" hisrc="2xsampling.jpg" alt="Text alternative">
> </picture>

I like this hisrc approach for its simplicity; it depends on the 
question whether a limit of 2 sources for the bandwidth use case is 
considered to be okay.

Anyway, I think it is an important question, as there may be future use 
cases that require more than 2 sources, such as providing an extra 
source for printing (which may be a 3x or 4x pixel format or a vector 
format), or progressive loading of sources as I described here:

Anyway both these cases are hypothetic, and the print use case may also 
be solved via <picture> and media="print". From an author's POV, hisrc 
looks quite intuitive and easy to use to me.

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