[whatwg] Paragraph with overlapping fallback content

Cory Sand yrocsand at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 19:35:27 PST 2012

The "Paragraphs" section ( gives an interesting example where
paragraphs can overlap when using an element, like <object>, that defines
fallback content. To avoid the confusion of mixing the fallback paragraphs
with the sentences of the surrounding paragraph in the case where the
object resource is not supported, the spec suggests explicitly marking up
the fallback paragraphs with <p> tags (which makes sense to me), but it
also suggests marking the sentences before and after the object element as
paragraphs. This latter suggestion doesn't make sense to me, because in the
original example, those sentences constituted a single paragraph (since
<object> is phrasing content). Wouldn't it be more correct to only mark the
fallback paragraphs as paragraphs? That way, the sentences "You can play
with my cat simulator." and "I'm quite proud of it." will remain a single
paragraph when the object resource is supported.


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