[whatwg] FW: Why I unsubscribed?

Vipul S. Chawathe Engineer at VipulSChawathe.ind.in
Tue Dec 25 23:02:44 PST 2012

XHTML5 microdata itemprop needs to clarify how experimental REST IRI is
changed to release IRI. To relate with living standard unlike W3 model,
within CURIE, if prefix lic is used for http://localhost/license, the prefix
could be redefined using one central profile page, like RDFa does define
common vocab in initialization context. Online hints are tied to 6
candidates who write Hello World web-page for which using hard-coded URIs
thats simple and not just feasible, but if real web-pages would be only
about Hello World photocopies, Google would be into anything but search.
However, as computer professional who does self-help for occasional tasks
such as working on provenance, using persistent URL within debug pages is
ugly. Let's complete the reinvention of wheel (or if preferred living
standard)-reinvention to credit Google inventing repackaged somebody's RDFa
into plagiarist's microdata & rip-off the CURIEs concept as well, to make it
realistically advanced rather than aiming at newbies who are at most wannabe
script kiddies, silly, common sense lacking use-case. After all RDFa is
"living", and microdata is the kind of stuff WHATWG blames W3 for, so to
beat the evil, WHATWG wants to be the worse amongst evils.

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