[whatwg] Making cross-origin <iframe seamless=""> (partly) usable

Markus Ernst derernst at gmx.ch
Wed Dec 5 05:07:54 PST 2012

Am 05.12.2012 10:45 schrieb Jonas Sicking:
> I hear no end of people arguing that HTTP headers are too hard for
> people to use. Could we make these settable through <meta> elements as
> well as, or instead of, using headers.

I am one of those authors with limited technical background. IMHO the 
crucial point is that the solution works in shared hosting environments, 
without access to server configuration and hopefully without .htaccess 
hacks. Thus, everything that can be done via PHP or other server-side 
scripting should be ok.

A <meta> element would be handy, but <?php header("...") ?> is 
reasonable, too. Meta elements may have the downside that copy-paste 
authors who don't understand them may leave them in the code where they 
may be unnecessary or even harmful.

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