[whatwg] Autocomplete and autofill features and feedback thereon

Ilya Sherman isherman at chromium.org
Mon Dec 10 21:01:48 PST 2012

On Mon, Dec 10, 2012 at 7:49 PM, Ian Hickson <ian at hixie.ch> wrote:

> > > > Finally, I have gotten a request to include a field type for bank
> > > > account numbers, though I have only seen this info actually
> > > > requested on a small handful of extremely prominent (and generally
> > > > trusted) websites: Amazon, PayPal, and I think Google Wallet.
> > >
> > > Is there any reason we shouldn't just treat bank accounts like just
> > > another credit card, and use cc-number for these?
> >
> > Yes: Most websites that support credit card numbers as inputs do not
> > support bank account numbers.  The few websites that do support bank
> > account numbers use separate fields for these vs. credit card number
> > inputs.  Labeling both fields identically would leave the browser unable
> > to distinguish which field to fill with what info.
> Fair enough. So what do you need for bank account information? Account
> number? Account holder name (and subproperties for that like for cc-*)?
> Routing transit number? IBAN? SWIFT-BIC? I hesitate to do something US-
> specific here; what do sites ask for in other countries? If it's always a
> name, a bank number of some sort, and an account number, I can add those
> three fields (plus the two name subfields) pretty easily.

I honestly haven't done enough research to answer these questions.  I was
mostly including this type for completeness, since several people mentioned
it to me in offline discussion.  However, since I'm not aware of any
browsers that currently support or are planning to add support for
autofilling bank account numbers, and I'm only aware of a handful of
websites that request them, I'm ok with punting on this for now.  If
someone else has done the research and thinks it would be valuable to add
this type to the spec, please do post here.

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