[whatwg] Baseline of objects

Jonas Grus Dinesen dinesen at itu.dk
Mon Dec 31 01:28:54 PST 2012

I can see that the explanation was not really good. It's not the content of the element but the element it self I am referring to. What I have in mind is maybe an x- and y axis that could be replaced in the bottom or top(x axis), to the left or right(y axis). Actually this axis could be placed anywhere inside the element and make it possible for the element to increase or decrease its width and height in both directions, exactly like Flash can do it.

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Emne: Re: [whatwg] Baseline of objects

On 12/28/12 1:42 PM, Jonas Grus Dinesen wrote:
> I am looking for a feature to set the baseline of an object, fx an svg figure (rectangle, triangle etc) which makes it possible to let fx height and width of an object grow upwards and not downwards. Maybe by setting horisontal and vertical baselines.

For vertical, see
(specifically the percentage and length values).


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