[whatwg] RWD Heaven: if browsers reported device capabilities in a request header

Ronjec Viktor ronjec.viktor at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 05:04:03 PST 2012

People, this is really getting out of hand...

1. WHATWG is a standards body, meaning it _standardizes_ solutions.
Everyone who followed the discussion up until now can easily tell that
currently there is no unified, or even close to common approach to this
topic yet. Someone says the solution is on server-side, the other one says
it's on the client-side, the third one says network protocol, the forth
says headers... This is not the place for such a discussion IMHO.

2. Are you not realizing that you are trying to put a mobile-specific
website into a Responsive Web Design? Just create a mobile-specific version
of your website and period. If you want to create one site that adapts to
its environment, than create ONE site that will react to its environment
using Responsive Web Design. If you want to create a site with reduced
image dimensions, different alt attributes, etc, than create a
mobile-optimized website! You either do Responsive Web Design or you don't,
but mixing the two doesn't make sence! You just end up making a site which
will download an image for initial view, than another one for landscape
orientation, than another one for viewing over a projector, than another
one for printing the site, etc. How the heck is that is that Responsive Web
Design? You're just stuffing multiple resolution-specific sites into a
single one, instead of making ONE site that adapts to all environments. If
you want to optimize for mobile, create a mobile-optimized site and not an
adaptive one!

My 2 cents. Sorry for the bad English.

- Viktor

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