[whatwg] FileList usage

Charles Pritchard chuck at jumis.com
Wed Feb 29 10:59:03 PST 2012

Given that behavior of FileList and live file entries is quirk-filled, it may be ok to change it. The two issues I see are: very large file lists-- thousands of file entries may be "quicker" to return as a dynamic object than an array of references-- and then there's the aspect of File objects mutating at any given point in time.

Mozilla has weird behavior of keeping file size static even when the file changes. WebKit returns the live file size and modification date.


On Feb 29, 2012, at 10:14 AM, Erik Arvidsson <arv at chromium.org> wrote:

> Now that we are removing usages of DOMStringList it is also tempting
> to look at other list interfaces that only have item/length. Searching
> through the WebKit IDL files the following are dumb:
> ClientRectList
> CSSRuleList
> CSSValueList
> EntryArray
> EntryArraySync
> FileList
> GamepadList
> MediaStreamList
> MediaStreamTrackList
> SpeechInputResultList
> SQLResultSetRowList
> StyleSheetList
> WebKitAnimationList (WebKit only)
> I believe that all of these could be removed in favor for Array but I
> can understand that there might be some concerns here due to backward
> compatibility. Some of these are very new and should be safe to just
> change (media, file system, gamepad, speech, wk animation)
> erik

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