[whatwg] Why won't you let us make our own HTML5 browsers?

Ryosuke Niwa rniwa at webkit.org
Tue Jan 31 20:14:19 PST 2012

2012/1/31 Bronislav Klučka <Bronislav.Klucka at bauglir.com>
>  On 1.2.2012 1:36, Ian Hickson wrote:
>>  I am not interested in the argument that "It is just too dangerous".
>>> Browsers already allow people to download executables with a couple
>>> clicks, not to mention install privileged browser add-ons. Enough said.
>> Well, in all fairness, browsers and operating systems are going out of
>> their way to make this harder and harder. Some (e.g. iOS, ChromeOS) make
>> it essentially impossible now, others (e.g. Android) require you to
>> explicitly opt-in to an obscure developer mode feature before allowing it,
>> others (e.g. MacOS, Windows) keep track of where files were obtained from
>> and give dire warnings before running apps from the Web.
>>  And you have apparently no idea how annoying this is, I cannot even
> imagine a car being built
> with this constant paranoia in mind.

OF COURSE cars are built with these "constant paranoias". Just google "seat
belts" and "airbags" along with all other safely systems modern cars
implement for passengers. And many countries limit the maximum speed of
cars (manufacturers impose these restrictions by artificially limiting the
maximum speed) so that they can't drive beyond certain speed.

because, well, you might get killed in car... so no one will ever drive in
> a car anymore...

And these safely systems and regulations are imposed upon drivers in order
to ensure the safety of the drivers themselves and others. Without them,
drivers have to put extraordinary efforts to gauge the safety of cars they
purchase and make necessary modifications in order to feel safe driving
them. Furthermore, cars without necessary safely systems may end up
increasing the motility rate of car accidents.

Let people have their own responsibility for what they do! This is like the
> lamest reasoning ever,
> the approach of "we will protect you even against your will"... man this
> sounds like really scary politicians out there...

Your reasoning is seriously flawed at best.

The fact, that people are giving permission to operation they do not care
> to find information about to some program/site
> they know nothing about... Well it's their choice...

The problem is that most of users don't understand what they're signing up
for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhIlTB84-Ho

- Ryosuke

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