[whatwg] frame accuracy breaking case for 25fps / status of 29.97fps

adam k lists at inconduit.com
Mon Jul 9 09:46:20 PDT 2012

hi whatwg, long time listener first time caller.

i have a 25fps video, h264, with a burned in timecode.  it seems to be off by 1 frame when i compare the burned in timecode to the calculated timecode.  i'm using rob coenen's test app at http://www.massive-interactive.nl/html5_video/smpte_test_universal.html to load my own video.

what's the process here to report issues?  please let me know whatever formal or informal steps are required and i'll gladly follow them.

second question:

i'm aware that crooked framerates (i.e. the notorious 29.97) were not supported when frame accuracy was implemented.  in my tests, 29.97DF timecodes were incorrect by 1 to 3 frames at any given point.  

will there ever be support for crooked framerate accuracy?  i would be more than happy to contribute whatever i can to help test it and make it possible.  can someone comment on this?  

thanks so very much for bringing frame accuracy to html5 video and bringing me out of the dark days of flash video and NetStream.  


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