[whatwg] Input modes: Please help me with some research!

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Tue Jul 17 15:53:49 PDT 2012

One of the features that I'm looking at specifying (again) is a mechanism 
for authors to help user agents pick the most appropriate input mode. For 
some cases this is easy; for example, user agents can know that an <input 
type=number> field should have a numeric keyboard. However, in some other 
cases it's not at all obvious; e.g. you want a numeric keyboard for credit 
card fields, which are type=text.

To do this properly, I need to have a list of all the possible keyboards 
we should expose. Two things would be helpful to that end:

 - Screenshots of keyboards

 - Details of APIs in existing platforms that control input modes.

I've added some screenshots of keyboards from Android to this wiki page:


If anyone can help out by adding more screenshots from other platforms, 
especially for non-English input languages, or by providing links to 
documentation for input mode APIs on operating systems that support them 
that would be great.

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