[whatwg] Administrivia: Update on the relationship between the WHATWG HTML living standard and the W3C HTML5 specification

David Bruant bruant.d at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 07:18:14 PDT 2012

Le 25/07/2012 15:32, Bronislav Klučka a écrit :
> And my last remark: I hope major browser vendors will chose to follow 
> the same path, the same implementation of tasks, but not all major 
> vendors are part of WHATWG (as far as I know), and if some choose to 
> follow W3C and some different WHATWG drafts of the same task, what 
> would happen?
A last point I forgot. Since there is one web, since urls (usually) 
refer to the same content, all web browsers are tied together to all 
render the content, no matter what their standards 
belonging/non-belonging/preference is.
 From the implementor perspective, what's important isn't standards by 
themselves, but supporting this existing (and hopefully upcoming) content.
There is still a need to shift the perception of what a "standard" 
actually means in the context of the web. It is my understanding that 
when Hixie shifted to the "living standard" model, one of the goal was 
to start this shift of perception. There is still a long way to go.


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