[whatwg] Undo Manager specs is confusing in the contenteditable section

Rakesh Chaitanya KN kgdn63 at motorola.com
Thu Jun 14 02:23:09 PDT 2012


The specs for undo
is at its early stages is a bit confusing at following locations:

*2.2.1 Undo scope and contenteditable*
*When the contenteditable content attribute is added to an element, the
user agent must remove all entries in the undo transaction histories
of the editable
undo scope hosts that are descendent of the element and have become
editable without unapplying or reapplying the entries and disconnect the
corresponding UndoManagers as if the undoscope content attribute was
removed from all descendent nodes excluding undo scope hosts and their

What does "editable undo hosts" imply here?

Also when contenteditable is added to an element all
the descendant elements become editable, so none of the descendants should
be a undo scope host as "undoscope content attribute on an editable element
is ignored". So is "*excluding undo scope hosts and their descendents*"

Maybe there are some use cases I am not aware of but two statements seem


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