[whatwg] Responsive images using http headers

Anselm Hannemann info at anselm-hannemann.com
Tue Jun 26 07:18:17 PDT 2012

Am 26.06.2012 um 15:52 schrieb Boris Zbarsky:
> On 6/26/12 4:41 AM, Oscar Otero wrote:
>> I understand the problem. Sending only the window dimmensions, screen
>> resolution and other useful information available in media-queries can be
>> enought. For example:
>> Viewport: width=1024px; height=768px; scale=1;
>> Or even connection information:
>> Connection: type=2G;
> I think those have been proposed before.  Worth looking into why those proposals didn't get traction.
> Note, by the way, that in the case of subframes the viewport dimensions are _also_ not available when image loads kick off.
> -Boris

A responsive image cannot be determined by connection type. Not everyone on a slow connection will get a lowres-image. This is what a developer has to decide which way to go or otherwise (approach of WHATWG -> srcset / resolution based) the browser has to decide.
Also, what happens if there's a new type of connection available in future – you cannot rely on browser updates then.


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