[whatwg] Endianness of typed arrays

Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 28 03:06:27 PDT 2012

On 3/28/12 3:01 AM, Mark Callow wrote:
> So now you are saying that only the JS-visible state of ArrayBuffer is
> little-endian.

The JS-visible state of conversions from multi-byte-sized quantities to 
bytes or back is little-endian.

> The JS-visible state of int32Array, etc. is in
> platform-endiannesss.

I'm not even sure what that would mean.  The JS-visible state of an 
Int32Array is a sequence of 32-bit integers.  It doesn't make sense to 
talk about its endianness until the underlying bytes are examined in 
some way (e.g. by creating a view of some other type for the underlying 
array buffer).


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