[whatwg] proposal for a location.domain property

Hallvord R. M. Steen hallvord at opera.com
Thu May 24 08:35:49 PDT 2012

Many browser engines use lists of top-level domains to be able to  
determine what a server's "base domain" is. For some use cases it would be  
interesting to have this information available to scripts. I list some use  
cases I can think of below:

1) Determining in a simple and fool-proof manner that a page is from a  
given domain. For example, if a script that might run on *.example.com,  
*.example.co.uk etc can do
if(location.domain.indexOf('example.'==0) to check whether it runs on an  
*.example.* site (and not get a false positive match on  

2) Checking what the shortest possible string for document.domain is.

3) Set cookies for all servers in a domain easily from JS without specific  
string operations on the hostname

Hallvord R. M. Steen
Core tester, Opera Software

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