[whatwg] Declarative unload data

Bronislav Klučka Bronislav.Klucka at bauglir.com
Mon May 7 09:10:26 PDT 2012

On 7.5.2012 18:00, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> On 5/7/12 11:54 AM, Bronislav Klučka wrote:
>> "I see pages doing it is that they're up to no good" well that is your
>> opinion, sure, we have all seen bad use of that, but removing
>> functionality that has no replacement, can be used for useful thinks
>> (well for bad as well) can hardly be reasonable
> Sure it can, if the abuse case is the overwhelming case.  Browsers 
> have done it before, and users were very glad they did.
> -Boris

I'm not sure about whole functionality removed without replacement... 
You wrote to Tab "the legitimate use-case for popup windows is also 
reasonable, yet browsers have popup blockers." sure, but this 
functionality was not removed, etc... I can imagine no DOM/browsing 
context manipulation (even new browsing context) by default, only on opt 
in (but when the optin? before the beforeunload :) ?) But disabling it 
altogethe, because someone may alert "Do you really want to exit this 


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