[whatwg] Correcting some misconceptions about Responsive Images

Matthew Wilcox mail at matthewwilcox.com
Thu May 17 07:17:39 PDT 2012

>> WHATWG does not exist to be a closed society.
> (Is this a joke?  This is probably the most open and approachable spec
> development community in existance today.)

"This is probably the best square wheel there is today" does not make
it a good wheel, even if it's better than all the other square wheels.

If there was only one thing taken from the RICG I'd hope that it was
the observation that it got a *lot* more feedback from general authors
than any of the mailing lists do. It's simply much easier to access
and read than the mailing lists - it's not about the people running
either group, it's about the medium it is in.

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