[whatwg] runat (or "server") attribute

Alexandre Morgaut Alexandre.Morgaut at 4d.com
Tue May 22 10:27:18 PDT 2012


When we started developing Wakanda, a member of the team asked if it would be revelent to support the "runat" attribute in the script tag

It is supported by ASP, and Aptana Jaxer choose to support it as well
(Note: even PHP support it)

We rejected it

Such feature is a bad incitation  for the developer to mix its server-side code in what is meant to be the view
We never embed any JavaScript code in the HTML, we always put it in separate JS files

If one wants to generate HTML from server-side JavaScript, we recommend to use a template engine like mustache.js or pure (many others exist)

On 13 mai 2012, at 02:47, Brett Zamir wrote:

> Hi,
> With Server-Side JavaScript taking off, could we reserve "runat" (or
> maybe an even simpler and more concise "server" boolean attribute) for a
> standard and (via CommonJS) potentially portable way for server-side
> files to be created (and discourage use of HTML-unfriendly and
> syntax-highlighter-unaware processing instructions)?
> I know in the past Ian has showed a lack of interest in tending to HTML
> in other contexts (e.g., in rejecting a common include syntax), but
> could we at least lay this simple foundation for encouraging server-side
> portability (in a way that works well with existing syntax highlighters)?
> Thanks,
> Brett

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