[whatwg] Features for responsive Web design

Markus Ernst derernst at gmx.ch
Tue May 22 13:55:06 PDT 2012

Am 18.05.2012 23:19 schrieb Kornel Lesiński:
> If you'd like to see <picture> proposal succeed, then please help fixing
> its drawbacks. Make selection and embedding of 2x images easier. Give UA
> freedom to use cached higher-quality images when it can. Give UA freedom
> to choose images to minimize bandwidth or maximize quality. Reduce
> verbosity of most common cases.

Maybe the use cases should be solved independent from each other:
- Use <picture> for the art direction use case.
- Remove the MQ except the pixel density from @srcset, and make @srcset 
available in both <img> and <source>:

<img src="normal.jpg" alt="" srcset="high.jpg 2x, normal.jpg 1x">

<picture alt="">
   <source src="mobile.jpg"
     srcset="low.jpg 0.5x, mobile.jpg 1x, mobile-hd.jpg 2x">
   <source src="large.jpg" media="min-width: 600px"
     srcset="large.jpg 1x, large-high.jpg 2x">
   <img src="mobile.jpg">

This leaves the whole design choice to the author, and gives the UA the 
full choice on what resource to use. Instead of coping with various 
kinds of MQs, the author can just specify the sources available, and the 
UA will make the choice based on the situation.

The 0.5px version in my example would be intended for use with very low 
bandwidth, or for a UA that may progressively load sources as we know it 
from old progressive GIFs.

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