[whatwg] New CSS Properties

Joshua Smith micovision at verizon.net
Sun Nov 11 05:41:37 PST 2012

I would like to suggest a few things to add to the CSS specifications.  I don't know the cost of implementation, but I am just giving you a few ideas that I had.

Foreground Property: like the background property, but layered above not below the object.  I really think this property would be helpful for development, and also, it would really streamline the HTML.
Adding to that: opacity properties for the background and foreground.  Could be seen as background-opacity.
Interior Styles: the capability to assign a style to an object from a different object's stylesheet.  The use of this may not be apparent up-front, but it would be very helpful especially with events like :hover.  For Example:
.someThing:hover {
	background: blue;
	.someThing .someChild {background: black;}; 

This brings me to two more suggestions: References and Routines.  Routines would be allowed for all elements to use.  They are similar to functions in other languages.  They could be expressed as ~referenceName {some-attribute: value;}.  References would be inside style declarations, and could be seen as .someThing ~referenceName.  They would evoke the specified Routine on the specified object.

Joshua Smith
micovision at verizon.net

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